Final reminder to enter the CIO of the Year Award, North America


This award is open to all business sectors where the CIO/CISO plays a key decision-making role

The Business Innovation Leaders Forum CIO of the Year Award (North America), closing date is fast approaching – please enter your nomination here:
This award is open to all business sectors where the CIO/CISO plays a key decision-making role. The closing date is the 2nd September 2022 and the winner of the award will be announced during an awards dinner on 28th September at the CIO Summit, San Jose, CA.
The role of the CIO/CISO has changed dramatically. The global demand for digital transformation across every business and organizational sector puts the Chief Information Officer firmly in the driving seat. With the rise in DevOps, agile operations and the application of AI, Automation and Analytics for business, the CIO/CISO is now at the very heart of overall business strategy.
It is no longer enough for a CIO/CISO to simply understand new technologies and deliver solutions on demand as the organization grows. Business models are increasingly shaped by technological innovation, and today’s CIO/CISO needs a sound grasp of the overall enterprise structure and business, in addition to being alert to ways in which IT can drive new revenue opportunities and accelerate growth. With the surge in remote working, the CIO/CISO is increasingly focused not only on customer experience but also enhancing employee experience and effectiveness. Today’s leading CIOs/CISOs excel in many cross-functional skills – communication, inter-group bridge building – even empathy can be every bit as vital as sheer IT credentials.
“That’s asking a lot from CIOs” comments Ron Layton, Business Innovation Leaders Forum Board Member, Vice President, Sallie Mae Bank and former Deputy CIO for the Secret Service. “But today’s top CIOs are proving that it can be done. Our CIO of the Year Award shines a spotlight on what it takes – and celebrates those who have it. It also serves as an inspiration for every business leader actively exploring innovative technologies and solutions to propel their enterprise forward.”
The CIO of the Year Award is open to any CIO/CISO playing this essential role in any innovative business on any scale – whether a trail-blazing multinational or a small company driving some radical business model.
“No question that we are in the interesting market state today. But if you look back, some of the greatest companies were all born in the recession timing. Amazon、Netflix, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber, WhatsApp, Square, Slack, Venmo, just to name a few” adds Hiro Rio Maeda, Business Innovation Leaders Forum Special Advisor and Managing Partner, DNX Ventures.
“Founders have unusual strong commitment and entrepreneurial spirits in this kind of time. Enterprises have reduced budgets so the products need to have clear sense of ROI and gain the position of “necessity” and not the “nice to have”. All of these characters will lead to the explosive success in the startup growth.
The field is still wide open, and that is why I am especially excited to be on the judging panel for this year’s Business Innovation Leaders Forum CIO of the Year Award.”

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