NetFoundry embeds zero trust into Prometheus for secure monitoring anywhere


NetFoundry is celebrating Prometheus Day with native secure networking connectivity for the leading open-source application monitoring tool

The company has embedded OpenZiti directly into Prometheus, the de facto standard for monitoring application performance in day one and day two operations. Prometheus is used in 86% of all cloud projects, according to the Cloud Native Computing Forum.
Prometheus with OpenZiti can scrape anything from anywhere with full zero-trust protection from external network attacks. Access is via an outbound-only internet connection obviating the need for VPNs, complex firewall rules, DNS modifications or the PushGateway.
OpenZiti enforces security and connectivity to and from Prometheus and other resources saving time and effort for network and security teams, particularly in complex, distributed deployments.
Galeal Zino, chief executive of NetFoundry, said: “Developers and operators want to get value, but security is hard. They shouldn’t need to worry about the pain of network plumbing, VPNs, or DNS or open inbound ports on a firewall. They want to deploy into any cloud environment with zero complexity.
“With the zitification of Prometheus, networking and security are taken care of automatically so you can deploy in minutes, eliminating days or weeks of effort while significantly reducing the attack surface and operational complexity.”
NetFoundry, a member of the Linux Foundation, has also zitified other open-source tools including, Helm, for managing Kubernetes applications, and Kubectl, the command-line tool for communicating with Kubernetes clusters. Many others are in the works.
Zino said: “Applications are becoming massively distributed across a continuum from cloud, IoT, edge and more. It no longer makes sense to make the network responsible for security. It needs to be built into every application. With OpenZiti, all you need is commodity outbound internet. Nobody else can do this. Nobody else has made industrial-strength security easy and free.”
Last year Oracle endorsed OpenZiti for use by developers in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle also recommends OpenZiti for mitigating Log4J (or any CVEs and zero-day) risks in Java applications on the internet.
CI/CD automation provider Ozone zitified their platform and Prometheus to connect into customer networks without inbound ports or complex firewall rules.
Moteesh Reddy, Ozone technical lead, said: “Ziti allowed us to innovate and drive new business with a competitive edge. Today, Ozone is the only CI/CD tool that automates private cluster deployments across any platform providing customers with zero trust, secured application delivery for private Kubernetes clusters.”
OpenZiti can be downloaded, run locally, and hosted by ISVs. It is also available as a service hosted by NetFoundry with freemium options.

Above, Galeal Zino, chief executive of NetFoundry – Image credited to telecomkh



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