Omdia: Expert IT security services partners remain in high demand to help organizations brace against the deluge of cyber attacks


Large enterprises and government agencies are under increasingly sophisticated attacks, reaching new record volume and velocity according to the second Omdia Universe of Global IT Security Services report

Pandemic-fueled digital innovation and consolidation have resulted in sprawling IT estates, presenting a broad target for advanced persistent threat actors across networks, clouds, data systems, and connected partners.
The Omdia Universe report benchmarks enterprise executives’ real-life experiences and service capabilities of 10 major managed security services partners. Findings include:

• One-third of large global enterprise executives report major escalations in security incidents across their IT estates over the past year.
• Most organizations (54%) already engage with one or more third-party security service providers for managed and professional security services.
• Increasingly, external partners are an extension of internal security teams, supplying scarce expertise to help deal with these threats.
• However, organizations’ experiences and trust of their IT security service partners reveals stark differences.

“Cybersecurity is increasingly complex and mission critical. Not all firms are equally prepared, but digital dominance demands they must be,” said Adam Etherington, Senior Principal Analyst for Omdia’s Digital Enterprise Services. “Every firm is ultimately responsible for its cyberdefense, risk, and compliance, but the degree to which they engage with service partners differs considerably. Executives naturally consider various security services to overcome broad-ranging challenges.”
The latest Omdia Universe on IT security services finds significant changes in enterprise sentiments since the series’ debut report. Telcos categorically have strengthened their position, as enterprises lean toward network-embedded security services. However, the report also sees that organizations’ level of advocacy for their security services partners has dropped. This could signal that customers continue to set partner expectations higher, especially as companies place more trust in IT security partners for strategic advice and SecOps support.

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